The company "LenPtica" was founded in 2006. During the work the company has formed a number of key measures. At the moment there are 3 patented trademarks: "LenPtica" "KaplyaLeta" and LenGofra". Industrial-warehouse complex is located in the Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg and Arkhangelsk region, and approximately 3,500 square m.

"Pantry of the sun"- the so-called "Nordic berries", a famous writer and naturalist Mikhail Prishvin.
Arkhangelsk oblast generous with various gifts of nature - berries, mushrooms. Soils of the Northern regions for the cultivation of agricultural products are not fertilizers and pesticides,so it is clean and has the most complete and balanced composition of minerals.In terms of the short Northern summer, the plants quickly fill and accumulate trace elements in their pantries berry its valuable substances. Thus, Nordic berries are useful and justly occupy a high place in gadoterate, and have medicinal properties and contain many useful vitamins and minerals.

A private network, comprising more than 100 procurement centers in 24 districts in the entire territory of the Arkhangelsk region,its own fleet of vehicles,gives the chance to carry out quality control at all stages of production and packing. We give you the opportunity of earning to the locals.

After the initial treatment, the berries and mushrooms are the freezing process, cleaning and packaging. In our production we use the latest equipment that allows to save all useful properties of the forest.All products have certificates, corresponding to the standard of GOST. That would keep the products for the buyer in proper condition, we use the technology of quick freezing IQF. Our facilities will allow us to freeze up to 20 tons per day. Further, the products undergo several levels of cleaning, sorting, Packed in frozen form in its own package, which allows you to save berries and mushrooms in the proper form and delivered transport to the warehouses in Petrodvorets area, where there is a further distribution channels.

In stock we have a staff car to allow transport of products with temperature conditions. Warehouses also maintain the necessary temperature and control humidity for storage of berries and mushrooms in frozen form.

The main attraction of our company is that we do not buy raw materials from other countries and regions,and offer products of own production that is intended for certain groups of consumers.This is a significant difference from our competitors.As analysts and experts of marketing, at present, the market is crowded with suggestions that the only solution is the creation of products under the individuality of almost every consumer.

Bilberries(Vaccínium myrtíllus)
Packing: Kraft bag 25 kg, Carton 10 kg, 300 gr.
Lingonberrie (Vaccínium vítis-idaéa)
Packing: Kraft bag 25 kg, Carton 10 kg, 300 gr.
Cranberry (Oxycóccus)
Packing: Kraft bag 25 kg, Carton 10 kg, 300 gr.
Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus)
Packing: Kraft bag 25 kg, Carton 10 kg, 300 gr.
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Boletus Pinecola
Packing: Carton 5 kg
Leccinum aurantiacum
Packing: Carton 5 kg
Packing: Carton 5 kg
Cantharellus cibarius
Packing: Carton 5 kg
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